Writing about Revelstoke health care

The third article in my series about Revelstoke health care initiatives has been published by the Mountaineer. It’s about the renewal of dental surgery at the local hospital and goes in depth about what happened to the program a decade ago, and how it was brought back. I also interviewed Bruce Fry, who has a debilitating injury making it impossible for him to receive dental surgery in a clinical setting; he was the first client to be seen at the hospital under the new program.

The writing process on this was slightly different than as a journalist. I’m working with Katherine Brown, who is the project manager for the Revelstoke Health Service Department, and she’s involved throughout, putting me in touch with people I should interview, and she referred it to the proper agencies before it was published. This one had a lot of moving pieces and final approval took a bit longer than expected, but it also ensured the article had the most current information before it was, as some news came forward between me writing it and final approval being given.

I’ll be adding it to the ‘Sponsored Articles’ section of my portfolio as a thorough example of how I can help an organization tell their story in an engaging, journalistic fashion.

Read the article here: https://www.revelstokemountaineer.com/new-dental-services-at-revelstokes-queen-victoria-hospital/